Are You Going for Tattoo Removal? Know the Essentials Prior to the Treatment

The upsurge of tattoo regret among people is widespread. As per studies, reasons like career opportunities, marital separation, change of outlook with maturity and other personal situations are the key driving factors that people look for fast tattoo removal. However, when it comes to tattoo removal market, not only it happens to be quite confusing to the vast majority with the presence of different approaches of removal where every procedure boasts to be the exception in the array. In reality, most solutions are found time-consuming, costly while having their positive and negative sides. It’s, therefore, become essential for you to understand the pros and cons of all possible solutions and choose one that fits you to reach your goal of fast treating.

Options Available for You

Laser surgery

In general, Q-switched high-intensity laser beams are used to eliminate the color pigments from your skin. Multihued tattoos often require treatment with a series of lasers and diverse wavelengths. The procedure tends to be extremely painful and equally overpowering for any delicate skin or even those who have a dark skin tone. Consequently, you might experience swelling, burning, blistering, frosting, scarring, and scary skin conditions such as hypo-pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation. The major drawback of laser surgery is while dealing with colors other than black and gray, often instead of absorbing the pigments properly, it leads to color diffusion. It is a high cost and not a fast tattoo removal process that you’re looking for.

Surgical removal

Less number of people goes for surgical methods due to its comprehensiveness and cost. The area is numbed with a local anesthetic while the tattoo is removed by means of a scalpel, and once again the area is stitched back. Even if, tattoo removal appears effective but none can provide you a solution to avoid unsightly skin scar.


The tattooed areas are numbered and sanded down up to the deeper layer of skin with high-speed rotary devices. The procedure is costly, painful and often causes skin infection. Unpredictable results and the poor outcome makes is less demanding the market.

Removal Cream

Tattoo removal creams, one of the most chosen methods, publicize them to offer effective results in an affordable way through home treatment. However, since merely rubbing of so-called creams cannot penetrate the dermis layer of the skin where the tattoo is placed, through the epidermis skin layer, they simply don’t work and typically result in faded tattoos or distorted tattoo inks. A cream is a cheap option and eventually, they don’t keep up their lots of promises.

Non-laser solutions

No surprising that for anyone looking for fast tattoo removal as well as the absolute solution, non-laser tattoo removal procedure should be their best choice. With no side effect, its natural pioneering deinking technique of tattoo color extraction out of the dermis through skin opening has taken the industry by storm. Removal of your tattoo inks are accomplished through 3-4 steps.

 Since the procedure is less painful, to make it more relaxing and comfortable for you a local anesthetic is applied.

 A well-trained technician uses a tattoo gun just to open the skin surface, while the lido gel works evenly with it and open the dermis. Its deinking procedure is quite reverse to tattooing and works effectively to pull the inks to the upper part of the skin.

 The technician uses ink eraser and tattoo gun to eliminate portions of ink pigments which is then cleaned, rinsed, treated and covered to let you go for the day.

 Depending on the type of tattoo size, placing, and colors, it may take 4 to 6 sessions to eliminate the entire tattoo from your skin.

The Color/ Size and Place of Tattoo

Whether you go for time taking laser of the non-laser fast tattoo removal procedure, before having your treatment, mind well that factors like color, size, and place of the tattoo play a noteworthy role in this context. While removal of colors like pink, light blue, green, etc are extremely challenging in laser method and mostly produce a poor result, the non-laser method can exclude any kind of color without any hassle but it would require another 2-3 session than black and gray tattoos. Secondly, the more sensitive is the place of tattoo and the bigger is its size; tattoo removal procedure typically takes a relatively longer period of removing and healing under all procedures.

Time and Cost Matter

Remember, when it comes to removal, the cost is much more than having a tattoo. As estimated, with a laser method, you should have a budget of 8 -10 times more than what you expended while having your tattoo. Surgery is equally costly and time of healing is lengthy. Finally, the laser is always long term tattoo removal option which can even extend up to 1½ years while non-laser is bit costly but ideally a fast tattoo removal solution.