Cover Up Tattoo Artist – How to Find Them

Art has spread like wildfire across the streets of Miami; it is everywhere: be it in galleries, condos, and hotels, or street corners! But that’s not the only place you’ll find art; many locals in Miami also adorn art on their bodies, a different kind of artistic genre: body art!

Cover Up, Artists?

The tattoo scene in Miami is ever-bustling: whether it’s a tourist wanting to take back home a memento from Miami, or a hardcore ink-art enthusiast, the streets of Miami are crawling with tattoo parlors. Out to make the world more interesting, one sleeve at a time, these artists are talented in every way. While these professionals are trained to ink customers, only a handful are creative enough to cover them up with creative solutions if the need arises.

Let’s face it, we all make stupid mistakes, and when you do, you need the right kind of cover-up tattoo artist to swoop in and save the day. Lucky for you, that’s what this article focuses on. If you live in Miami, don’t go sniffing around for another post on this, because we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how to go about searching for the best cover up tattoo artist in Miami!

How To Find Them?

There are a few ways to locate the best cover-up tattoo artists in Miami, and they are not too difficult!

• Ask Around

The easiest way to find your perfect cover up tattoo artist is to ask around! Chances are that multiple people have been in your exact situation. Besides, asking people as opposed to reading reviews is always more effective because 30% of all reviews are phony, and there’s no way of telling who’s lying and who’s not (you can never tell). Check out other people’s tattoos and ask who did them. And of course, after you’ve gotten your cover up tattoo, don’t forget to spread the word and tell others about it too. After all, word-of-mouth is the best form of advertisement.

• Visit Parlours

It is always best to check out the tattoo parlors in advance- do not make a rushed decision for a cover up tattoo, because then you’ll need a cover up for a cover up! It is recommended to recommend every studio within driving distance for you and check them out. Make sure you ask for the studio’s infection control reports, make sure they are hygienic. Go through their portfolios to find out their best works and see if it’s your style.

• Do Your Research

Pore over tattoo directories and magazines: even though many companies and tattoo artists today have their stuff up online, it doesn’t hurt to do a little outdated research. But keep in mind that just because they’re in a magazine doesn’t make them a good fit. They could have just purchased advertising space- there’s no guarantee that the magazine is endorsing them.

In such cases, look for the best cover up tattoo artists in Miami online. This is your safest bet because the studio’s website and personal pages are well maintained, described, and embellished with images of their work. This saves you the trip of going to the parlor and finding out they’re not your style.

• The Power of Social Media

When you find a cover up tattoo artist that you like, stalk them on social media to find out their vibe. Sometimes you may like what they have on their official website, but when you find them on social media, you lose interest. Always better to put in a little research in the beginning to prevent a situation you want to avoid later on. Look over their Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest accounts.

• Attend A Tattoo Show

There are many tattoos shows to find cover up tattoo artists- you may have to travel interstate, but it’s worth it in the long run. Get tattooed by some celebrity tattoo artists in the world, or use the show as an opportunity to see what’s in at the moment! Collect business cards, ask around, and have a good time.

While Miami is sprinkled with talented tattoo artists, you need to do your research to find one that you like. Just like a car, make sure not to buy the first one you see. A cover up tattoo requires a lot of thought and consideration, since you don’t want to keep getting cover ups. Put a little study into it and think about the repercussions of getting a dodgy tattoo for a lifetime.

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