Four Points to Consider for Finding Best Tattoo Shops

There’s no denying that working with best tattoo shops with seasoned artists offers a different class of tattooing experience. While the tattoo trend has now been high-flying in the fashion world, a sizeable number of tattoo shops are coming up like anything every day. Sadly, nearly 70% of these shops don’t have the proper expertise or bother to follow the most essential sanitation standard imposed by health departments. They are equally found casual to guide customers about aftercare methods that often make tattoo lovers susceptible to various blood-borne diseases. Therefore, always work with the best tattoo shops in Miami and in order to reach one, consider four vital points as stated below:

Research is the Key

Having thorough research remotely through various sources and virtually in-person at the settings is the most pragmatic way to reach best tattoo shops. Whether or not you know friends, neighbors, or relations who got tattooed to get recommendations, through online research you will come across plenty of best tattoo shops in Miami websites which are generally sound sources of information. Get through the artist bios, the background of the company, location and obviously the pictures of the tattoo images done by them. These images can help you gauge the highest extent of their artistry level from the artists of the tattoo shop, even if often they are used in deceptive manners.

A Professional Setup

Not all tattoo shops are of similar type. They show off their exclusivity in terms of their environment, artists, professionalism, quality policy, and standard of customers. Whether it’s on the phone, online chat, email or a personal visit, how do they respond? Do they sound like a professional crew; customer friendly, caring, or indifferent (might be due to their work pressure)? As you get into the parlor, speak to their customer support people or receptionist, how does it feel? Have a quick peek at the procedure room and try to feel whether it’s relaxing or overwrought and disorderly? All these pieces of elements will let you know how they operate their tattoo shop. Are they well-organized and have the time to listen to your issues and ideas which are in fact a great sign of best tattoo shops in Miami.

Artist Portfolio/Credibility

Prior to choosing and getting inked from a specific tattoo artist, ensure that you have done through research on the artist’s background. What is most vital for you is to go through the portfolio of tattoo artist that displays their best tattoo works on the website, social pages as well as in the tattoo shops. Be careful of those shops or artists who often put up artworks which don’t belong to their artworks however, they unethically use them to misguide and attract more customers. Thankfully, these types of scam companies don’t sustain for a long period and consequently get ‘caught’ and become known in the market due to their unfair business practices.

Therefore, listen to the market gossip or word of mouth that works brilliantly not only for market promotion but equally for people looking for best tattoo shops in Miami and helps get to the genuine service providers. You will find shops that specialize in specific areas of tattoo designing however, professional tattoo shops are specialized parlors where you can get range services from abstract tattoos to watercolor designs and traditional black and grey tattoos which are all-the-rage in the tattoo industry. Make sure that the artist is outfitted with bloodborne pathogen training and certification in addition to trade license essential to serve the industry.

Strict Hygiene Practices

Best tattoo shops should be operational with all facilities related to their sanitation policy. By far, you can expect to come across a clean environment as stated below:

 Use of disposal needles and gloves

 Wash basin for every artist for washing hands with warm water supply

 A number of separate sinks which are used exclusively for cleaning tools and equipment

 Use of non-toxic liquid soap

 Automatic hand dryer

 Single-use towels and aprons

 Trash Bins

Sterilization procedure – Typically done by autoclave machines designed for sterilizing needles, piercing tools and ornaments. Needles are strictly meant for single use and are unpacked in front of the client before getting them sterilized.

Absolute cleanliness and sanitation are maintained throughout the procedure room as well as in the reception hall, toilet to avoid contamination.

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