Hip Hop News – Expanding Hip Hop Income Sources

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If you follow hip hop news, you will know that the worldwide craze for the rap genre is showing no sign of abating. Hip hop has become so popular in non-American cultures that they are making their own versions and excellent ones at that. So, if you are a hip hop musician, there is plenty of scope for you out there. Of course, you will first need to create engaging rap music that addresses the current concerns of your target audience and resonates with them on an emotional level.

After you have built up a reputation as a serious rap musician capable of writing, performing, and producing original and hard-hitting hip hop songs, you may be able to earn a full-time income from your music.

Here are some ideas for expanding your hip hop income sources:

Create online videos

You can create videos of you performing your hip hop songs at live rap events and participating in freestyle battles. You can also produce music videos of your singles. Depending on your budget, you might either rope in your friends for this or hire a professional video producer. Additionally, you can make videos showing yourself in everyday situations. For instance, walking your dog, going for a swim, cooking in the kitchen, and so on. Upload these videos on sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, and others that let you earn a passive income from them.

You may not make much money starting, but as your subscribers and viewership grow, you could make a reasonably decent income from your online video channel. Plus, it will come in handy in jump-starting your other hip hop income sources.

Sell your music online

Record rap singles and/or albums with seven to 15 hip hop songs, create or commission eye-catching album art for them, and upload the music on various rap music sites for sale. You will then have to work hard at marketing the music. You can share news and links on your website and social media. You can also write about your inspiration for the music and the music-making process on your blog.

While you want people to buy your music, you have to take a subtle approach and avoid coming across as desperate. Don’t take the ‘buy, buy, buy, and buy’ tack all the time. Get people to relate to you as someone likable and worthy of their interest and respect. They will be more willing to buy your music and your other stuff then and give you a hand in your marketing by telling their friends and relations about you.

Sell your brand merchandise

Music fans love to buy merchandise related to their favorite bands and their music as souvenirs and keepsakes. So, even if you are a newbie, it is a smart marketing strategy to have the merchandise ready. Create top-quality artwork and print it on T-shirts, dresses, scarves, mugs, pens, plates, and so on. There are many souvenir manufacturing companies in China and elsewhere, and you can place product orders at reasonable rates.

It is a good idea too to create unique and limited edition rap merchandise. Memorabilia collectors are always on the lookout for beautiful products that are likely to appreciate in the coming years with the upward trajectory in the rap musician’s music career.

Endorse products

Once you have to build a large and loyal fan following, you may be able to endorse a range of products. You could approach a company, or their representative might reach out to you. It is essential to endorse only high-quality products that you really feel might benefit your fans. If you endorse products indiscriminately and without due research, you could end up alienating your fans and damaging your music brand. So, be careful, remember to read the legal terms carefully, and don’t sign any agreement until you have understood every single clause well.

Start your own marketing company

If you have been successful at establishing yourself as a rapper and selling your merchandise, you might consider starting your own marketing company. That way, you can employ your music industry business knowledge and the strategies that worked for you to guide and assist other rap musicians in marketing themselves and establishing their careers.