How Does Creativity Leads to Success?

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Galileo Galilei, the famous sixteenth century astronomer, was the first person who noticed the movement of a pendulum. He studied it’s ‘to and fro’ movement and used Aristotelian physics to invent a pendulum clock. What distinguished Galileo from his contemporaries were not just his skills, but his ‘curiosity’ to look above the obvious and the ‘utilization’ of Aristotle’s theory, for his own purpose. This is creativity and this is what leads to success!

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the ability to look above what is obvious and critically study the basics to arrive at better conclusions. Galileo could arrive at better conclusions only because he was creative. He used his intellect and harnessed his skills to provide the world with an invention which is held dear even 500 years after his death. You can still find a pendulum clock at every other person’s house! His story has a lesson even today. Though the social setup of our times has evolved from his times, yet the functionality of his attributes cannot be challenged. We can learn from Galileo and use creativity to enhance our business skills and progress on the path of success!

Need of Creativity at Work

In order to excel at your workplace, you need to be creative. When a person is creative, his judgments are unconventional and far-sighted. You can look a situation with a better eye and therefore make a decision, which is fruitful and rewarding. In the contemporary times, the world is moving at a very fast pace. The technologies are improving, the industries are developing, the businesses are rising, and such circumstances test the ability of human resource. Human resources’ trial judges your will of fitting into the frame. You are at a threshold where the need is to prove your worth every day, meet challenges and come up with innovative suggestions and ideas.

Exercising Creativity

Most people believe that they are not creative, but it is just a play of psychology. This psychological hindrance stops them from growing and mediocrity makes them comfortable. Therefore, they avoid taking a chance. Wayne Gretzky, the famous Ice-Hockey player warns us against not taking chances – “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. But if a person takes a chance and gears himself up by adjusting into dynamic situations, he loses nothing. Rather, he responds to his inner fears, proves them wrong and hence develops his inner self and confidence.

Creativity is like body building–you need to exercise your creative muscles to increase your creativity! Enroll yourself in a creative courses and learn the tips and tricks of enhancing your creativity. Learn how to tackle and troubleshoot various problems creatively. At these creative workshops, you will have to undergo both individual and group tasks. This will also help improve your team management skills. With the right tools and broad strategic thinking (, you will be able to expand your creativity in business. Here are some of the benefits of these workshops:

•  Increases Confidence

•  Teaches Team Building and Management

•  Helps Overcome Creative Blocks

•  Exercises Strategic Thinking

•  Builds Time Management & Multitasking Skills

Benefits of Creativity

A creative person is spontaneous, quick-wit, unbiased and practical. If you are creative, you will use your time effectively, and allocate more time on the priorities. You would work on your business skills and build relations with the customers, subordinates and partners. You will have a broader vision –you will not just be concerned about today but also about the forthcoming years. These attributes will make you compatible with yourself and the world. You will not only grow individually but your growth will be reflected in the growth of your organization, your fellow workers and most importantly, in the trust of your customers.

Creativity is thus creating a niche for yourself, when you are not lucky enough to land with a utopic ready-made situation. At such a deadlock, your creativity helps you to break free from the standstill and nurture your intellect. This expands your capabilities and helps you to innovate. So, do not be afraid of taking chances, grab every opportunity, be positive and flexible and you will see how your creativity will lead you on the path of success!

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