How to Remove Eyebrow Tattoos Safely and Effectively

Eyebrow tattoo, a form of permanent makeup, is a boon to people with scanty eyebrow hair and who do not have the impeccably skilled hands to recreate the magic with brow powder or eyebrow pencils every day. Eyebrow tattoos give thicker-looking and more shapely brows that last for a long time. But like all other tattoos, the pigments on the eyebrows too begin to fade and look awkward on the face. Or there could be instances when your tattoo artist delivered a result far from what was expected. In either case, the best solution for you is to cover up or get rid of the eyebrow tattoo. There exist different methods and products for safe and effective eyebrow tattoo removal, the most common one being lasers. But before you jump into the bandwagon, here are some things to know about the side effects of laser tattoo removal and other, better methods available.

The downside of laser

Firstly, laser tattoo removal is expensive. Unlike a tattoo, which typically takes one session to create, laser removal takes many sessions – all of which require prepping and aftercare – to get rid of the unwanted ink from your body. So, typically the larger or more complex your tattoo, the costlier it is going to be for you to get it removed with the laser. The method, because it uses strong energy pulses to break down pigments, comes with its fair share of side effects. The procedure is painful, and even if you were to get away with numbing creams or local anesthetics, there is still a possibility of bruising, skin pigmentation, and in worst-case scenarios, scarring. Also, the pigments that get broken down need to be absorbed by your body and removed through the lymphatic system, which may pose problems for some people. This becomes especially troublesome for patients with pre-existing medical conditions or who take specific medications like blood thinners. They will need to be evaluated by an experienced practitioner for evaluation of side effects, before the tattoo removal can be done.

Covering up with fresh pigments

Typically, tattoo inks oxidize or fade over time, leaving your eyebrows looking green or even red. If the problem you face with that of the eyebrow tattoo is of this kind, there is always the option to correct or cover up using a different pigment. In this method, a modifier shade is added to the pigment mix before being applied to your eyebrows using tattoo or microblading techniques. Local anesthetics are administered to reduce pain. The result, however, depends on how your skin reacts and how strong the older pigments were. Also, the method is no fix for people who have had a bad tattoo done by an amateur artist, or the brow shape or density has gone wrong for a different reason.

Natural tattoo removal

Enter a safer and more effective method using natural tattoo removal products. Unlike laser, these pose hardly any risk to the person undergoing tattoo removal and are carried out by trained experts. They are also less expensive and less painful than laser removal. Good quality products, made without harmful chemicals, acids, or toxins, are typically used in the natural and safer alternative. The procedure uses a tattoo or permanent makeup machine to open up the skin –  much like during tattooing – following which a bonding agent or tattoo eraser solution is applied to the skin. The eraser draws all the pigment up to the skin, where it forms a scab in the days to come. The scab once completely dry, falls off by itself.

The advantage of such natural eyebrow tattoo removal techniques is that it takes fewer sessions than a laser to effectively erase a tattoo. Also, no pigment is sent into your body but is rather drawn away from it, making the procedure a safer one. Plus, such methods and products can remove tattoos effectively irrespective of the color used. This is an advantage that laser does not possess as different pigments react differently to lasers, as a result of which varied wavelengths may be required to remove a tattoo satisfactorily using laser removal.

On the whole, eyebrow tattoo removal using natural products and methods is less painful, has few or no side effects, and is easier on your pocket while giving you the results you want.

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