The Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing a Tattoo Artist

At certain times, the hardest thing one has to decide when getting their bodies inked is not, what tattoo they have to get but the person who will tattoo your body. Finding top tattoo artists in Miami is not easy. It is an intimate thing – you need to build a good rapport with the person as they are putting something on the body that would last forever. You may actually forget your first love, but you will never ever forget the tattoo as it would always be there in your body. The following factors mentioned below will help you to take the right steps while finding a tattoo artist.

Online Reviews and Word of Mouth

The first step is to find some online resources that would help you to deliver the results of local tattoo parlors in your area or a particular studio of your choice. Ask your family members or friends who have their tattoos done by the artists. Taking advice directly from people you know is the best place to start. If your contacts had a good experience with a specific artist then without a second thought you can visit that tattoo artist. Browse through social networking sites and read the review and comments from the users. Ping people who do already have a tattoo from a particular artist and ask their feedback.

Images and Work Portfolio

Please ask for some of the previous works done by the artist or at least follow specific artists on social media. When looking at the portfolios, look for the solid and strong lines that are smooth and check whether the lines were made in a single stroke. Check the shading as well as consistent and smooth color work. Top tattoo artists in Miami must be able to highlight right color gradients. Lastly, how do you feel when looking at the artist’s work? If you were excited and inspired then you would surely be more comfortable getting your body inked by the artist.


Across America, there are various awards every year for the best artists. Check the artist who has the won an award. This will help you gauge the artist’s skills and their popularity, as all awards require votes from the previous clients.

Hygiene Standards

The hygiene standards of an artist’s studio determine the work ethics of an artist. An artist having poor hygiene can lead to blood poisoning, Hepatitis A, and infections. If an artist of your choice has hygiene certificates, then it is clear that they have worked hard for maintaining their standards. Do not hesitate to ask for hygiene certifications from the studio. Check whether the pots, inks, and needles are new for every client and the needles must be opened from a sterile package.

Now we will be addressing the things one must avoid while choosing top tattoo artists in Miami.

Avoid an artist who does not have an idea about autoclave – An autoclave is vital for sterilizing the tattoo equipment and combat diseases from spreading. One could not trust an artist that they have not tattooed any person having HIV or hepatitis. No person would want to have a staph infection.

Whose studio just had a flood as the sewage backed up – Unfortunate thing happens with everyone but an unhygienic and dirty shop for any reason portrays that the artists who work do not care enough about their environment makes it unsafe for their customers.

Charges 15 to 20 dollar for a tattoo – This is crucial one must understand – you would get according to what you have paid. Being inked is always expensive due to sterilized equipment, the art of tattooing on your body, shop upkeep as well as time spent stenciling or drawing tattoo. An inexpensive tattoo means unsafe and cheap looking tattoo.

Starts Arguing with You – It is natural that we cannot get along with every person. Therefore, it is wise to walk away from an artist who has a bad temper and slips into an argument with you. The moody person could make you always feel bad whenever you see your tattoo.

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