How to Choose a Tattoo Shop

Body art is all the faze right now and it is right to be so. Tattoos are a permanent expression of your personality and therefore, it is very necessary that you do your research before you get yourself permanently marked.

Here are five steps when looking for a tattoo Shop or studio:

1. Research!

It is crucial that you know exactly what you want, where you want it and who can do it best. Go through Pinterest, Instagram profiles and other online searches to see what new and trendy ink is out there, what suits your style and personality? Once you have a better idea of what it is you want, you can start looking for artists who have experience in that arena.

It is important to note that just because an artist is reputable does not mean they can give you what you want. Art, like all things, is not a collective ordeal. Some artists are excellent at replicating abstract art, some have impeccable printing capabilities while some work best when freestyling. When you look online, find tattoos you like best and the tattoo artists behind it. Durham tattoo artists have a great online presence.

Word of mouth reviews are the most reliable since people tend to share bad experiences first. If you see a friend or even a fellow passerby with an intriguing tattoo, chat them up and find out where they got it done, their experience and their suggestions on tattoo places, since they most likely did their own research.

2. An artist’s portfolio is like a resume

Nothing speaks clearer about a tattoo artist’s work than their portfolio. An artist that proudly flaunts his work is confident enough to put it out there for critiquing and therefore is a top choice. Going through an artist’s portfolio gives you a better idea of the type of artwork they are most comfortable with and how well they make art even out of their comfort zone. You could check out the Durham tattoo artists profiles online.

3. Drive around town and see what there is nearby!

While it is true that some extensive research online can help you find what is out there, do not lean on these alone. There is always the possibility that they have more financial strength and therefore, can advertise better. Drive around your local areas and see what is out there. There may be some hidden gems that you will not find online but are extremely good at their job and cannot afford to or simply do not care for publicizing their establishment and work.

4. Meet with the artist beforehand

It is important to meet your tattoo artist before starting your sessions. Make an appointment with your top picks, feel out their vibe. Some things you can ask them about are-

· How did they come about becoming a tattoo artist? Where did they do their apprenticeship and for how long?

· What are the latest trends out there for tattoos?

· What kind of sterilization processes do they follow at the Shop?

· Can you see some of their work/portfolio?

· Ask for a website/social media handle, if you don’t already have them

· What tips on aftercare do they have for you?

Many tattoo artists sit with their customers and come up with a customized design, based on their personality and ideas they may have liked from research done. If you are someone who wants an original tattoo but cannot come up with one, look for these kinds of tattoo artists that will help you make your own!

5. Check out the tattoo Shop

No matter how good the artist is, it all comes down to their place of work. Go visit the tattoo Shop in Durham NC, check their infection control reports and the general vibe of the place.

A bustling tattoo Shop with a cheery, bright environment and lots of their own work on display is a good place to start! Chat up some of the customers and get their opinions too! Durham tattoo artists have great reviews.

At the end of the day, a tattoo is a permanent mark you make to allow someone else to make on you. It is expected that you do thorough research. Remember, no question is too silly to ask in this regard!